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Strategies to find Plumbing Customers

Winning Strategies to Find More Plumbing Customers

Besides creating extraordinary products or services, a company needs to apply marketing strategies for success. A proper marketing strategy increases the growth of the company in a competitive industry. Because of the nature of the plumbing business, the competition is vast with plenty of differing offers for their customers. In recent times, this industry has also been rapidly increasing.

For profitability and growth of the business, it must stay ahead of its competitors. The top 6 plumbing and HVAC marketing strategies to promote your plumbing business are discussed below. These strategies will allow your company to attract potential customers and keep the old ones.

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Treat your clients nicely. With the nature of businesses where face to face contact is a high probability, it is must to be polite and respectful at all times. This becomes your initial investment to your customer, thus, would be the first thing that comes to mind when remembering their experience working with you. This will increase the probability of them choosing your company again when they need services.

Your customers will be the frontline marketers of your business when treated right. Your company comes first in their recommendations when a friend or a neighbor would need the same or similar service as you’ve provided them. Now, they may be just one house, but tomorrow, you’ll be servicing their entire block. The next day, you are their community’s No.1.

Provide MORE Service!

The first and most important duty of a company is to provide the best services to the customers. Basically, plumber businesses are bound to a certain locality. More likely than not, customers would like to hire a service provider that could do everything in their home instead of hiring several different contractors because the others don’t offer a certain service they need. To keep your business growing in this situation, you must aim to provide diverse services like plumbing repair, water softeners, water filtration, reverse osmosis equipment and more. It may require you to prepare for a larger investment, but you know it would all be worth it. But what if money is not readily available?

One of the best practices is to build your own network of contacts of providers giving services that you still don’t have. In that way, you are still the main contact of your customer for the service, even if you are contracting it from your trusted partners.

Build Brand Value:

One of the HVAC marketing strategies to promote your business is creating brand awareness in your community. Unique digital branding will uphold your company image more than the rest. Your company must give an idea to the customers that this company is known for its valuable qualities and services.

A unique logo or stickers will give a differentiable look to your company. When you send your plumbers to the customer’s household, use unique colored vehicles which will represent your company overall. You can use stickers in your vehicles too. You must make your business noticeable to the community.

You can also increase your company image by taking part in social activities like donations and helping the community. Being part of the community, you should take corporate social responsibility.

Get a Website

You may be wondering if you HVAC business needs a website. Yes, absolutely. Otherwise you’ll miss out on potential new customers. In the absence of a friend or a neighbor to recommend a plumbing services provider, households turn to the next most convenient way to find one – the INTERNET! Approximately 80 percent of people search for a plumber online. In this modern age, the availability of the internet has much influence on people’s shopping patterns. That is why you must get your business online through a well-functional website.

You must remember, more than 50 percent of web traffic comes through smartphones. So, your website should be mobile-responsive which will help smartphone users to read your content easily without scrolling across the screen. This will increase the probability of getting potential customers for your business.

On your website, you must include your contact details in a bold letter. It is advisable to be available 24/7 to answer your customers. This will help you to communicate with your potential customers easily and solve their queries without meeting them personally. Include the locations where you provide your plumbing services. You should also display your license and certificates to increase the trustworthiness of your company.

It’s a must to design and make your website SEO-friendly. Proper use of keywords will help your website rank higher than your competitors. This will help your customers to find you easily when they search for you online. Don’t forget to create your Google Business Profile. This is where you will be noticed initially by potential customers. This strategy of creating a Google Business Profile can be considered a very efficient tool.

The challenge with this is knowing how to actually create one. Many, attempt and eventually give-up at creating a website themselves because of the technical processes needed to start one. Some resort to hiring a professional to create it for them but would cost them an arm and a leg not to mention the time spent for it. Fortunately, there are website building options like www.ezservicewebsites.com that are readily set-up but easily customizable. Best part is, they are very cost efficient. Now, you can get that website up without sweating it.

Use Social Media

Another medium of getting your plumbing business online is using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These platforms can establish strong relationships with potential customers. In this digital age, most people are likely to use at least one of these platforms. So, it is likely that you will get customers from these social media apps. You must be ready to invest a significant amount of money in these platforms so that you can get new customers. You must also keep in touch with the old customers to retain them. Social media creates awareness among the customers. Ask your customers to post reviews into these platforms and display them for the people to read. Lots of positive reviews will encourage potential customers to communicate with you. Make sure your company provides great services to the customers to avoid any negative reviews.

Get listed in local directories:

Before the era of the internet, local directories were a reliable and vital marketing strategy to promote businesses like plumbing. Because customers must hire plumbers from the local areas rather than from abroad for obvious reasons. Submitting your details to the local directories allows your company to be available to potential customers. Before local directories were found as a big yellow color book that was delivered to each household of the localities. Recently with the availability of the internet, it takes the shape of a database. A few local databases especially for plumbing industries are; –

  • Myzipplumbers
  • A plumber
  • Best Plumbers
  • Plumber Search

Once you submit your business details to those directories, wait for the reviews posted by the customers. Please make sure you are providing the best services to the customers to get positive reviews. A good review will encourage others to contact your business for sure.

Establish Credibility

The plumbing business is basically growing more than other industries. Every household needs plumbing services very often. All the companies are fighting neck to neck to stay strong in the industry. To survive in the competitive industry, you must build a reputation. It takes years to build a reputable company.

Building your reputation starts with GETTING CERTIFIED to provide services. Your certifications should be from institutions easily recognized by your customers. This will differentiate your business from others.

Aim to acquire awards and recognitions by being members of organizations or communities that provide such. These are excellent proof of your work and increases your chances to be noticed. Display them and households would be looking at your company with the appropriate respect.

Use high-quality tools and equipment to provide high standards of services. Request your customers to give positive reviews and comments and share your contacts with family and friends. This will verify your company as reputable and encourage potential customers to trust you.

Being in the industry for many years will definitely upsurge your reputation. So, highlight this advantage in your website and social media platforms. Afterall, a company that stands the test of time is surely one that thrives.

Final thought

Availability of the internet is playing an important role in shaping the marketing strategy in recent times. The Internet has a vital role for the growth of the business. You should try to implement the marketing strategies mentioned above. These strategies will definitely help your business promote in the long run.

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