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Your new plumbing, HVAC website can actually be live in minutes. We've done all the work for you.

Price Estimator Plugin

This optional plugin let your customers get an instant online price estimate from our powerful and easy-to-use price estimator plugin. ($50/mo.)

Works With Any Domain Name

Use our domain names or yours. We have options to use any domain name you want (IE: www.YourWebsite.com). You just need to purchase a domain name. We can even help you with that.

Loaded with Features

We've loaded our great looking and easy to use websites with everything you need, from requesting appointments to SEO tools.

Professional Websites For Services Business - HVAC and Plumbers

Our website templates are built by the best website designers for small businesses using the latest cutting-edge designs and technologies. Best of all, they are completely ready. We have created and included all the content and images you need to have a fully functioning, professional plumbing website and/or HVAC website.  Just fill in a few pieces of information and you will instantly be live and running! If you don’t love the text or images provided, you can make changes at any time with our easy-to-use content management system. Your current and potential customers will be impressed with your new, high-quality website that looks like the design cost you thousands!

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HVAC Website Development

We Make Websites Easy
Since you’ve got an HVAC and/or plumbing business to run and don’t have time to design your own website, EZ Service Websites takes care of everything for you! Unlike some systems, we don’t give you a layout that you can then use to TRY to build your website. Instead, our plumbing and HVAC web design agency provides a 100% complete website that’s ready to launch right now. We’ve already built all the pages, written text, organized navigation, optimized elements for search engines, created internal links, added images, and taken care of everything else. You can also easily change the text and photos to meet your needs. The only other thing you might want is an optional custom domain name (like www.YourWebsite.com). We’ll even help with that.

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What Our Clients Say

Steve R.
Steve R.

Plumbing & HVAC

"Our office manager found EZ Service Websites and set up a free trial. I really didn't have high hopes. But hey, it looked surprisingly good and seemed to have everything that we needed including SEO capabilities. I changed some of the text and photos to our trucks and people without any issues. We added the pricing calculator later. That was actually a really good move because it's popular and helps our sales. The whole site still costs me less than we spend on coffee each month. For us, our EZ Service website is way beyond worth it."

Anna M.
Anna M.


"Outstanding customer service! A live person usually answers the phone when me or my daughter calls with a question. That is an unexpected pleasure anymore. And they have really gone above and beyond to help us. Also it is very easy for me to make changes. I can add pages and updates very quickly. Yes, I would definitely recommend them to other businesses like ours."

Luis S.
Luis S.


"This is without question, the best deal I've gotten all year. I am very pleased. When we add heating and cooling we will be changing to your combo site program. This is a very good service you are providing. Thank you."

Stand Out From The Crowd

Great Designs To Choose From

Whether you’re a plumbing business, HVAC service company or both, our small website design company has stylish and professionally-designed websites. Pick one and your new service website can be live in minutes. We don’t just offer eye-catching HVAC and plumbing website design, but each template is 100% operational on any type of mobile device. That means your new site will look great on laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Your website features a “Request an Appointment” form. You can also add our optional “price estimator” tool for only $50 per month. That means potential customers can get a quick online estimate regarding costs for purchase and/or installation of a new product (water heater, A/C units, etc.) before they contact you. Users can add their home size and other requirements you want, then select the type of item they are looking for to see the options available and the estimated cost. (You add the products and pricing in the back end and can change them at any time.) After potential customers have viewed the estimate, they’re prompted to take action and book an appointment with you. Talk about a lead magnet!

Since each of our instant services websites has been professionally built, coded, and tested, your new site will be fully functional the minute it goes live. That means users can use your website immediately! Browse through our designs and select the plumber website template free you like most for your company. Then fill out our short registration form, and start marketing your business online today!

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