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On Demand Services to Boost Your Plumbing Business

Are you ready to level up your plumbing business and increase your income?

As a local plumber, you know how to fix the pipes and drains like nobody else, but don’t stop there! There are more services that you can offer to boost the bottom line for your business. From water heaters and softeners to filtration systems and reverse osmosis approaches – provide customers with solutions that help them save time, energy, money – all while knowing they are dealing with a professional.

Unlocking new services means bigger opportunities for you as a business owner. You can now be sure that your customers come back again trusting their problems into your hands – because whatever it is they need, you will have them covered! Plus it’s an opportunity for growth and create even more stability on the market by raising awareness of what you really do.

Keep reading to learn about all the additional services plumbers can sell in order to boost their bottom line! Get ready to expand and grow in this industry – starting right away.

Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Since plumbing pipes, toilets, sinks, water heaters, etc. go through wear and tear over time, regular plumbing maintenance is essential for every homeowner. Regular maintenance will keep your plumbing system intact for a long time and will prevent unexpected damage. This servicing will reduce the probability of serious costly repairs. It is advised to do plumbing services once every two years. Plumbing maintenance services are: –

  1. Toilet cisterns and flushing mechanism replacement
  2. Replacing the toilet wax seal
  3. Replacing the flexible hose pipe
  4. Repairing the pipes
  5. Adding new internal and external taps
  6. Fixing the broken shower heads etc.

Professional Assessment - Piping and Plumbing

Plumbing pipes tend to leak, freeze, create loud noises, etc. Sometimes leaks in pipes can flood your home. These sorts of unexpected incidents are painful to the homeowner. You must appoint professional plumbers so that you don’t have to face these problems often. Plumbing pipes repairment done by experienced professionals last for many years. We have experienced skilled professionals who can help you with many problems like: –

  1. Pipe leakages
  2. The burst of pipes etc.

If you suspect any leakage or burst of the pipes, just contact us, and we will do the dirty work for you. Wet and damp walls are signs of leakage. The fungus also grows on the dam walls. A sign like this means it’s time to call for help from professionals.

Bathroom Renovation

A house without a beautiful bathroom is incomplete. Renovating the bathroom increases the value of the home’s property. Designing the bathroom properly can give you lots of personal space. A nice-looking bathroom should have a bathtub, a nice-looking tap, a sink, a toilet, countertops, etc. For installing these bathtubs, taps, sinks, and toilets you need professional plumbers. Most successful plumbing businesses offer such services for extra income. Availability of such extra services can differentiate a plumbing business from others.


Servicing geysers is one of the services the plumber business provides. Geysers with no hot water or overheating of the water mean there is a problem. Geysers and their components have a limited-service life. It means you have to do maintenance periodically to avoid any accidents.

Professionals provide services like geyser replacement and geyser upgrading. They also fix the temperature control, electrical wires, etc.

If you notice your geyser not heating up or too high is the temperature, just call for help from professionals. Even if you notice a high electricity bill, you must contact plumbers. Plumber businesses have highly skilled professionals to solve problems like these.

Emergency Plumbing Services

There is no specific time and date for the plumbing system to get out of order. Pipes can start leaking water in the middle of the night. If you do not take immediate action, your home will be flooded by morning. This will destroy the valuable furniture of your home. Geysers can burst out on Christmas days. People don’t seem to like working in those days, for obvious reasons. But some plumbing services can’t wait to be fixed. That’s why it is essential to provide 24/7 services. Companies that can follow this, become successful over time. This sort of important but less required service should provide to the customer for greater growth of the company.

Now we will look at some plumbing products that plumbers sell to earn extra money. These products are water filters, reverse osmosis systems, water heaters, etc.

Water Filter

A water filter removes unwanted substances, and impurities, from the water to make it drinkable. There are various processes to filter the water. Some water filters use fine physical barriers, while some water filters use a chemical reaction to clean water from germs. Water filters can cleanse the water to different extents based on the requirement.

There are different varieties of water filters in the market. Some plumbing businesses also have them in their collections to sell besides providing plumbing services.

There are several criteria to choose a water filter. Different customers have different needs. So, it is advised to have enough collections to solve the requirements of the customer. Based on the intake water quality, degree of purification, and intended use, customers buy their required water filter.

Water Heater

Water heaters are one of the commonly used home appliances. It is basically a tank filled with water and a system is attached under the tank to warm the water above room temperature. In most cases, electricity is used as a source to heat the water.

Particularly in winter seasons, water cooled down to ice cubes and made it almost impossible to use. You can’t bathe or cook properly with ice cubes. Water heaters become handy at the moment of the year.

A water heater has a thermostat inside that controls the temperature of the water inside. You can set the temperature based on the requirements.

Besides installing water heaters, plumbers also sell them for extra income. When you buy water heaters, you need to hire plumbers to install them. It reduces the hassles of the customers when they can get both heaters and plumbers at once.

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis in short, RO is a widely used water filtration system. It is a process where water is forced to move through a semipermeable membrane. Water passes from the more concentrated side to the less concentrated side, and the process removes dust and impurities from the water. The RO system has 3 to 5 stages of filtration. The names of these stages are sediment filters, carbon filters, semi-permeable membranes, etc.


Many plumbing businesses offer extra services and sell related products besides providing main plumbing services for better income. These extra services and the sale of products are very useful for business growth.

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